life does not frighten me
eye for an eye
The Great Flood 7209
yellow sky
A0 pentaptych
Shh.. my child, I will make your love eternal
When the ice is gone, we are left in the dark.

Albedo is the reflection coefficient of a surface, it indicates how much energy coming from the...

During my residency at DAR I made a word cloud out of comments people leave below articles about the shoot-on-sight policy at the Kaziranga National Park...
short video
short video
short video
short video
church prayers typed from memory using a faulty typewriter
short video
four short 6-screen videos
soundtrack to a taxi journey
table, gingerbread, framed photo, writing on a wall
Tomorrow in a year. The politics of Ips typographus.

In my doctoral project I look at the conflict surrounding the protection of Poland's Bialowieza Forest...

SVLBRD. Shh.. my child, I will make your love eternal
concrete, plant seeds, 260x70cm, 2017
The Svalbard Global Seed Vault was created by the Norwegian government in order to preserve the seeds of plants, particularly those important to agriculture, to immortalise the diversity of species in the face of a changing climate and unstable politics. Ironically, because of the changing climate, the vault flooded recently, and although none of the samples were damaged, a hint of doubt was brought over this vault preserving hope for our uncertain future.

Seeds promise a new life. Delicate, though resilient, they are the beginning. Here they are contrasted with the permanence of concrete, which seems to stop time and freeze the promise unfulfilled. Sometimes, the delicate seed causes a fracture in the concrete, breaking the illusion of security.
One of the most commonplace materials of the modern world, concrete has a large carbon footprint, contributing to around 5% of yearly manmade CO2 emissions, placing it as the second-largest contributor, behind fossil fuels.
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