obscene carbon
of ice and sky
we set fire to the sea
life does not frighten me
eye for an eye
The Great Flood 7209
yellow sky
carbon powder in acrylic medium on board
midnight sun // residency on Svalbard
residency in Roja, Latvia
A0 pentaptych
Shh.. my child, I will make your love eternal
When the ice is gone, we are left in the dark.

Albedo is the reflection coefficient of a surface, it indicates how much energy coming from the...

a word cloud out of comments people leave below articles about the shoot-on-sight policy at the Kaziranga National Park...
short video
short video
short video
short video
church prayers typed from memory using a faulty typewriter
short video
four short 6-screen videos
soundtrack to a taxi journey
table, gingerbread, framed photo, writing on a wall
Tomorrow in a year. The politics of Ips typographus.

In this research project I look at the conflict surrounding the protection of Poland's Bialowieza Forest...

I am an artist and an academic working in the fields of philosophy and cultural studies. Through my work I engage with the tensions between the human and the nonhuman, and the politics and ontologies of this division. I regularly present my research at conferences and have written about the technisisation of the body, hybrid ontologies, and nature conservation after the end of Nature.

I was born in Poland, have a BA Hons in Fine Art from Bath School of Art and Design and an MA in Philosophy from Warsaw University. I recently spent a year doing research at Goldsmiths. Complementary to my art practice, I am working on a doctoral project at the Department of Philosophy, Warsaw University, titled "The philosophical question of nature in the art of the Anthropocene."

I live in Berlin.

Recent and upcoming shows/residencies:

2019 // solo show with Fritz Session: The Future of Our Climate, Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Berlin

2019 // residency @ The Ă…land Archipelago Guest Artist Residence (upcoming)

2019 // residency @ Can Serrat, Spain (upcoming)

2018 // residency @ Roja Art Lab, Roja, Latvia

2018 // residency @ Galleri Svalbard, Longyearbyen, Svalbard

2018 // x-temporary.org online residency

2018 // Hive, Theatre Delicatessen, London

2018 // Hive, Little Red Creative Studios, Luton

2018 // Nasty Women Liverpool, Constellations, Baltic Triangle, Liverpool

2018 // Beaudroit, Engelman, Lestas by art.earth, Dartington

2017 // STOMACH, Hoxton Arches, London

2017 // DAR Digital Artist Residency

2017 // Albedo featured in Novelty Magazine #7

Funding/ grants:

2018-2019 // Primary Investigator of research grant Land Art And The Posthumanist Turn In Aesthetics DSM 117900/14

2018 // Svalbard project is supported by a bursary from a-n The Artists Information Company and the Warsaw University

2018 // Residency @ Roja Art Lab is supported by the State Culture Capital Fund of Latvia and the Warsaw University

2018 // Hive commission is supported by Luton Arts Fund

2014-2016 // Scholarship for best PhD candidates, Institute of Philosophy, University of Warsaw

2015-2016 // Primary Investigator of research grant "Aesthetics of hybrid bodies" funded by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education

2014-2015 // Co-Investigator in POKL 04.01.03-00-002/11 educational grant funded by the European Commission

2012 // Co-Investigator in "Work, Class, Gender" research project funded by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

Full CV