of ice and sky
we set fire to the sea
life does not frighten me
eye for an eye
The Great Flood 7209
yellow sky
midnight sun // residency on Svalbard
residency in Roja, Latvia
A0 pentaptych
Shh.. my child, I will make your love eternal
When the ice is gone, we are left in the dark.

Albedo is the reflection coefficient of a surface, it indicates how much energy coming from the...

a word cloud out of comments people leave below articles about the shoot-on-sight policy at the Kaziranga National Park...
short video
short video
short video
short video
church prayers typed from memory using a faulty typewriter
short video
four short 6-screen videos
soundtrack to a taxi journey
table, gingerbread, framed photo, writing on a wall
Tomorrow in a year. The politics of Ips typographus.

In this research project I look at the conflict surrounding the protection of Poland's Bialowieza Forest...

I am an artist and an academic working in the fields of philosophy and cultural studies. Through my work I engage with the tensions between the human and the nonhuman, and the politics and ontologies of this division. I regularly present my research at conferences and have written about the technicisation of the body, hybrid ontologies, and nature conservation after the end of Nature.

I was born in Poland, have a BA Hons in Fine Art from Bath School of Art and Design and an MA in Philosophy from Warsaw University. I recently spent a year doing research at Goldsmiths. Complementary to my art practice, I am working on a doctoral project at the Department of Philosophy, Warsaw University, titled "The philosophical question of nature in the art of the Anthropocene."

I live in Berlin.

Recent and upcoming shows/residencies:

2019 // solo show with Fritz Session: The Future of Our Climate, Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Berlin

2019 // Sofia Art Week, Sofia, Bulgaria (upcoming)

2019 // residency @ The Ă…land Archipelago Guest Artist Residence (upcoming)

2019 // residency @ Can Serrat, Spain (upcoming)

2018 // residency @ Roja Art Lab, Roja, Latvia

2018 // residency @ Galleri Svalbard, Longyearbyen, Svalbard

2018 // x-temporary.org online residency

2018 // Hive, Theatre Delicatessen, London

2018 // Hive, Little Red Creative Studios, Luton

2018 // Nasty Women Liverpool, Constellations, Baltic Triangle, Liverpool

2018 // Beaudroit, Engelman, Lestas by art.earth, Dartington

2017 // STOMACH, Hoxton Arches, London

2017 // DAR Digital Artist Residency

2017 // Albedo featured in Novelty Magazine #7

Funding/ grants:

2018-2019 // Primary Investigator of research grant Land Art And The Posthumanist Turn In Aesthetics DSM 117900/14

2018 // Svalbard project is supported by a bursary from a-n The Artists Information Company and the Warsaw University

2018 // Residency @ Roja Art Lab is supported by the State Culture Capital Fund of Latvia and the Warsaw University

2018 // Hive commission is supported by Luton Arts Fund

2014-2016 // Scholarship for best PhD candidates, Institute of Philosophy, University of Warsaw

2015-2016 // Primary Investigator of research grant "Aesthetics of hybrid bodies" funded by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education

2014-2015 // Co-Investigator in POKL 04.01.03-00-002/11 educational grant funded by the European Commission

2012 // Co-Investigator in "Work, Class, Gender" research project funded by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

Full CV