The Polish LGBT Lobby
kinship and distance
cherry stones
obscene carbon
of ice and sky
we set fire to the sea
life does not frighten me
eye for an eye
The Great Flood 7209
yellow sky
short video
short video
short video
carbon powder in acrylic medium on board
midnight sun // residency on Svalbard
residency in Roja, Latvia
A0 pentaptych
Shh.. my child, I will make your love eternal
When the ice is gone, we are left in the dark.

Albedo is the reflection coefficient of a surface, it indicates how much energy coming from the...

a word cloud out of comments people leave below articles about the shoot-on-sight policy at the Kaziranga National Park...
short video
short video
short video
short video
church prayers typed from memory using a faulty typewriter
short video
four short 6-screen videos
soundtrack to a taxi journey
table, gingerbread, framed photo, writing on a wall
Obscene Carbon series
carbon powder in acrylic medium on board, 2019
Carbon is a ubiquitous element, crucial to all forms of life. But with carbon dioxide, hard coal and oil, and carbon sinks being some of the central notions in the debate on anthropogenic climate change, it is loaded with contradicting meanings. It is both creation and death, powerful source of energy and progress, destruction, pollution and disease, trace of life that does not exist any more and substance to build new life. The titles speculate on the origins and paths of the carbon particles before they became part of the painting.

Igniting Space Shuttle Challenger’s main engines, 80x80cm
SS Savannah crosses the Atlantic, 180x120cm
The Tunguska event, 180x120cm
Crossing the Northwest Passage, 180x120cm
The Great Fire of Rome, day 5, 120x80cm
Annie Darwin learns to talk, 80x80cm
Champagne bubbles at the opening of the Winter Palace, 120x80cm