The Polish LGBT Lobby
kinship and distance
cherry stones
obscene carbon
of ice and sky
we set fire to the sea
life does not frighten me
eye for an eye
The Great Flood 7209
yellow sky
short video
short video
short video
carbon powder in acrylic medium on board
midnight sun // residency on Svalbard
residency in Roja, Latvia
A0 pentaptych
Shh.. my child, I will make your love eternal
When the ice is gone, we are left in the dark.

Albedo is the reflection coefficient of a surface, it indicates how much energy coming from the...

a word cloud out of comments people leave below articles about the shoot-on-sight policy at the Kaziranga National Park...
short video
short video
short video
short video
church prayers typed from memory using a faulty typewriter
short video
four short 6-screen videos
soundtrack to a taxi journey
table, gingerbread, framed photo, writing on a wall
We set fire to the sea
performance, 2018
We set fire to the sea - Roja Art Lab residency

As a result of our action and inaction, fate, and processes we often don’t understand, we now find ourselves at a sea with little oxygen and life. Native cod perishes and the invaders - toxic glowing seaweed and aggresive, overgrown round goby - come to take their place. Through a periscope of a nuclear submarine, leaking poison into the waters, we see the whole world as if it was at war. Talismans made of local clay and sand by me and other people, representing both the old and the new, the human, animal, plant, inorganic and symbolic inhabitants of the Baltic, were fired in a ceremonial bonfire closing the exhibition, and thrown into the sea, in a hopeless attempt at reconciliation.

Funded by the State Culture Capital Fund of Latvia and a grant from the Warsaw University.
Clay is mixed with beach sand, both collected in Roja. The clay comes from Anthony Stellaccio’s land artwork ’grave?’.
Russian copper sulfate added to the fire
Fired sculptures in the morning, before going into the sea